After some toil I have Pelican installed and set-up to publish via GitHub Pages. I decided to go with the pelican-bootstrap3 theme. Configuring Pelican was a bit of a buggy pain, resulting in my eschewing a fabfile altogether and altering the github section of the Makefile as follows:

github: publish
#   cd $(OUTPUTDIR) && git add --all && ghp-import -m "publish site (make github)" -b $(GITHUB_PAGES_BRANCH) $(OUTPUTDIR) -p
    git -C $(OUTPUTDIR) add --all
    git -C $(OUTPUTDIR) commit -v -a -m 'Pelican :: make github'
    git -C $(OUTPUTDIR) push -v -u origin $(GITHUB_PAGES_BRANCH)

One publishes new posts by putting source markdown (or other accepted format) in the ‘articles’ directory and running the following commands in a terminal (must be in top level directory of site):

make publish
make github

This generates an html file of the post in the ‘output’ directory, and publishes to GitHub Pages. Edited posts are committed by adding a ‘modified’ line in markdown:

make regenerate
make publish
make github

A lot more customization/functionality/automation is possible in Pelican; but for now I have a nice, straightforward static website with blog.